Three Places That You Can Visit Near Antioch Tennessee

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Three Places That You Can Visit Near Antioch Tennessee

There is a neighborhood just south of Nashville called Antioch. It is a place that you should visit if you have the time. It is part of Davidson County, a location that originally began as simply a place where people could worship. Today, there are upwards of 86,000 people in this neighborhood, and there are many activities that you can do while you are there. If you have the time, there are three places that you should go if you will be spending time in Antioch this year.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Although most people attribute paddle boarding to something you would do in Fiji or Hawaii, it is something that you can do while you are in Tennessee. The Nashville Paddle Company is just outside of Nashville and Antioch. You will be able to get there in just a few minutes from your hotel. This will allow you to get on the water and find your balance. You can pretend that you are at some tropical location. There is another location called Big Willies Action Sports which will provide you with the same, or even better, paddle boarding activities. If you are traveling there during the late fall or winter, this may not be an option. Instead, you will have to go indoors, and one of the best options is a museum.

Historic Travelers Rest Plantation and Museum

If you are the type of person that likes to learn about history, you will certainly be enamored by this museum. It is said to have a thousand years of history, despite the fact that the building that it is in was built in 1799. Once there, you will be amazed by how good it looks for a building that is literally over 200 years old. After you have spent an afternoon there, you will learn about the history of not only Antioch, but Nashville and the surrounding communities.

Another place that you should visit is Cane Ridge Park. Many people go there just to relax. It is a subtle location, a place where people bring their dogs, kids, or just come to sit and relax. It is a very pleasant place with playgrounds, biking trails, and there is a park that you can enjoy. The next time that you go to Antioch, you can try out all of these locations and discover why so many people come back to this neighborhood south of Nashville whenever they come to Tennessee.